spring 2016: Earth!

In spring of 2016, Seesaw explored Earth, from the bottom of the sea up into the night sky. 


watch the social story here

Watch a performance of earth



The people who made it happen


Delaney Burlingame

Savannah Couch

Becca Ehlers

Christina Layton

Allie Levitan

Maddie Napel

Courtney Quinn

Maddie Rostami

Rachel Seidenberg

Daniel Shuffield

Noah Watkins

Producer- Claire Glubiak

Assistant Producers- Andrea Canizares and Jamie Kuhn

Director- Emily Baldwin

Head Adventure Guide- Rebecca Elowe

Stage Manager- Eloia Peterson

Space Captain- Dominick Mugavero

Space Designer- Preston Choi

Co-Lighting Designers- Tatyana Aravena & Prateek Singh

Technical Directors: Becca Schwartz and Nathan Selinger

Composers- Sam Shankman & Noah LaPook

Costume Designer- Anna Backer

Props Designer- Alex Dayton

Publicity Director- Gabriela Leal

Graphic Designer- Kimberly McBride

Outreach- Savannah Couch

Co-Fundraising Directors- Meredith Mackey & Michael Kelleher

Fundraising team- Vanessa Strahan   

Research Team- Carson Rogge and Emma McDonnell

Special Thanks-
Ariana Hammersmith (ASL Coach)
Justice Reed (Recording)
Evan Rindler (Videography)
Justin Barbin (Photography)

Oily Cart, Replay Theatre Company, Bamboozle Theatre Company, Frozen Light, Julia deBettencourt