spring 2017: Under the Big Top

In spring of 2017, Seesaw explored the circus, visiting everyone from concessions, animals, and performers! 


LISTEN TO Under the Big Top

The people who made it happen


Tucker DeGregory

Elizabeth Dickson

Ellie Levine

Katy Murphy

Lindsey Weiss

Becca Ehlers

Rebecca Elowe

Grady Jensen

Emily Komarow

Kimberly McBride

Rachel Seidenberg

Producer- Liza Alrutz

Assistant Producers- Brock Hall and Holly Hinchliffe

Director- Delaney Burlingame 

Head Adventure Guide- Maddie Rostami

Stage Manager- Olivia Zapater-Charrette

Space Designer- Sydney Thomas

Lighting Designer- Sarah Friedman

Technical Director: Becca Schwartz

Composers-  Max Beer, Noah LaPook, Walker McKinney, & Sam Shankman

Costume Designer- Samantha Nagler

Props Designer- Katia Podytov

Publicity Director- Kelly Shi

Graphic Designer- Tatyana Aravena

Outreach- Vanessa Strahan

Fundraising Director- Mahima Pirani

Research Team- Carson Rogge

Special Thanks-
Ariana Hammersmith (ASL Coach)
Jon Mathias (Recording)
Thomas Molash (Videography)
Justin Barbin (Photography)