Our Impact

At Seesaw Theatre we believe that theatre should be more than just sitting in your seat watching actors have all of the fun. Over the past five years we have invited hundreds of adventurers and their families to come into a whole new world where you can see, hear, smell and feel every detail. We do this by devising a multi-sensory theatrical experience where getting up and joining in isn't just allowed, it's encouraged.

Our Costs

We invite families and school groups to our shows free of charge which is why we look to donors to help support the costs of creating our productions. Help support the costs of creating our productions. This can include up to $4000 per production for lights, set materials, costumes, props, sound, PR, and advertising so we can put on the best show we can for as many people as possible! Additionally, we spend up to $1000 per year bringing programming to various local organizations.

Our Future

With over a 500% increase in the size of our audience in just our first two years, Seesaw Theatre is growing fast. We hope to continue expanding into the greater Chicago area through productions and additional programming. Your donation ensures that we can continue creating multi-sensory theatre experiences for individuals with developmental differences in the Chicagoland community for years to come.


Donate by mail!

You can send checks made out to "Northwestern University" with Seesaw Theatre in the memo to: 
Norris University Center
Seesaw Theatre
1999 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60201
Suite J

Or Donate to our PayPal!