It is with great excitement and joy that I announce Theatre Stands with Autism’s name change to Seesaw Theatre. We chose to change our name first and foremost because the name Theatre Stands with Autism does not illustrate our mission fully. We are an organization that provides theatre to all individuals with developmental differences, not solely people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. As an organization, we do not want individuals with other developmental differences to think that they cannot take part in and enjoy the theatrical experiences we create.

So, why Seesaw Theatre? Well, seesaws are awesome. Seesaws are playful toys that everyone can play on no matter what age they are. That being said, you cannot play on a seesaw by yourself. They really have no function without a partnership between two individuals. Seesaws work through one on one teamwork that eliminates the imbalance. Like seesaws, Seesaw Theatre’s goal as an organization is to create one-on-one, individualized theatrical experiences that embrace differences amongst individuals and eliminate any imbalance people with developmental differences constantly feel in their everyday lives because they are different. 

Our ensemble is split up into actors and adventure guides. The adventure guides are individually paired with an audience member and it is their responsibility to encourage audience members to let loose and follow their impulses so that they can be themselves without following the confines a normal theatrical setting requires. Everyone deserves to see theatre and learn from theatre and we hope to positively impact the lives of individuals that are so often ignored in the world because of their differences.  Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce to you Seesaw Theatre! We cannot wait to play with you. Game on.   

Elena Besser (Head Adventure Guide)

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