When I was a kid, I was famous for my inability to sleep. I am told that many a night my parents would come back from a night out and find me sitting with my babysitter on the couch, way past my bedtime. I would refuse to stay in my room and until my babysitter would just give up and let me stay awake until my parents got home. In my defense, the night can be scary! It is dark and there are weird noises that you’ve never heard before. You’re supposed to relax but with all of that going on, relaxing is much easier said than done. 

But it doesn’t have to be so scary! In the night there are also magical animals that come out to play, such as owls and raccoons. There are beautiful sounds, such as crickets. And everything is guided by the soft, peaceful glow of the moon. I am so excited to explore what is fun, beautiful, and safe about the night, from sunset to sleep. Hopefully, after seeing all the good there is in the night, we all will feel a little bit safer and happier as we’re tucked into our beds at the end of the night. 

We are so excited to bring the wonder and magic of the night to classrooms around the Chicagoland area with our show “Me & the Moon!”

-Erin Claeys, Winter Event Director