By: Rachel Seidenberg (Artistic Director)

I am so excited to announce that this year’s season theme is Celebration!

When given the task to choose the season theme, I immediately started to brainstorm what drives Seesaw. Eventually, my thoughts meandered to how far the Seesaw community has come over the last five years; we went from nothing to a community filled with passionate people who are eager to create accessible theatre. Every accomplishment, whether it’s creating a new event or seeing a kid smile, is met with celebration and the readiness to discover ways to improve upon that accomplishment.

This is going to be my third year in the Seesaw community, and over the last two years I’ve been surrounded by powerful people making great strides for this type of work. Just last year alone, Seesaw expanded to a full season, and we plan to continue that growth this year. This season, I want to make an effort to celebrate every puzzle piece that helps foster Seesaw’s growth: our board members, teaching artists, students involved in production teams for our shows, the families who passionately hop on the crazy roller coaster that is a Seesaw show, and, most importantly, the kids and young adults that come and play with us.

Don’t miss out: the Second Annual Inclusive Theatre Festival, Winter Event, and Spring Mainstage will all have their own twist on Celebration!


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