By: Rachel Seidenberg (Artistic Director)

When I think of my favorite memories from my childhood, Disney World comes to mind. I’m still fascinated how within this amusement park, you can be completely immersed in a world – wandering through Cinderella’s castle or entering into a scene from Star Wars. So when I began to look for inspiration for the 2018 Spring Show, I thought about creating a world in which our young audience members could become fully immersed. I imagined an enchanted forest. I have always loved faeries, unicorns, mermaids, and elves. With our spring show, I can’t wait to bring these creatures to life.

As I step out of my role as External Education Director and into my role as Artistic Director, I plan to focus on finding ways for our audience members, who may opt not to become engaged with the story, nonetheless to be able to interact with the world and be able to fully experience the magic that happens in a Disney-like Wanderland. I want to make, what can be a dark and scary place, into a world full of excitement and wonder. Hopefully, along the way, we can show our audience members that sometimes incredible things can happen when you wander off the path.