Check out a note from our Head Adventure Guide, Ellie Levine, about her inspiration for Seesaw's 2018 winter event. 

Waking up to frost on my window and snow on the ground is one of my favorite childhood memories. This was the sure sign of a snow day. School was cancelled and we were free to explore the winter wonderland that had appeared overnight. These days were so special because they arrived out of the blue, with no opportunity for planning beforehand. They were days of following impulses and exploring.

This is why I think a snow day is the perfect setting for Seesaw’s 2018 winter event. Winter offers an abundance of sensory experiences: the feeling of gliding down a sledding hill, the sound of boots crunching through snow, or the smell wafting up from a mug of hot chocolate. I hope this event will be a jumping off point that will encourage our audience members to continue exploring the excitement of winter after they leave.

This is the second year of Seesaw’s winter event and I am excited to continue shaping it and building upon the framework of Lunchbox 2017. It will be a fun-filled day for the whole family to enjoy. We will be making crafts, eating lunch, and exploring winter through an interactive, multi-sensory theatrical adventure together! It’s an opportunity to make new connections within a family and also within the larger community. Throughout the day, parents and siblings will have a chance to share experiences with their family and to form a network by connecting with other audience members. We can’t wait to give each family a special day to play, create, and explore the wonders of winter together!