I’m overjoyed to announce Seesaw’s 2019 Mainstage: Clued Inn.

While last years theme was inspired by visuals, this year the theme was drawn from a desire I had to be a part of the adventure when seeing shows throughout my childhood. Growing up, I searched for stories where I could engage with the plot and feel like I had a helping hand in what happened next, even if the story was predetermined before I ever interacted with it.

After many conversations with this year’s Spring Mainstage Producer and Head Adventure Guide, we narrowed down possible themes as to what would best fit this vision. But the whole time we were constantly drawn to the notion of detectives solving a mystery clue by clue. We knew that this was the story to explore.

We can’t wait for you to join our host of characters as we solve a swanky hotel’s mystery before word gets out. And what better way to give our audiences the opportunity to engage with the plot as much or as little as they would like by giving them the most important role in the story… the detectives!

Our entire team is eagerly awaiting to see what the next few months will bring, but until then, who knows what our mystery will be!

- Rachel Seidenberg, Artistic Director