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My freshman year of college I surprised my family by flying home for a long weekend in February without telling them. Why? To go home for the Rodeo. That’s right, in my home town of Tucson, Arizona all schools get an extra TWO DAYS off when the rodeo comes to town. I remember putting on my cowboy hat and boots, finding my biggest belt buckle and heading to the fairgrounds, the taste of caramel corn on my mind. Rodeo weekends remain some of my most cherished childhood memories.  

Now I know the Rodeo is not a universal experience, but it was my family’s version of a county fair. An annual day we all spent together sharing in a unique experience. This is why I chose Rockin’ Rodeo for the theme of Seesaw’s third annual winter event. Starting with Lunchbox in 2017, the winter event has always been about family; and this year I want to focus on helping our audiences find joy in experiences the new experiences from a county fair. I want our audience members to taste the kettle corn, feel the petting zoo, ride the spinning ride, maybe even hog tie a calf all from the safety of our space or their classroom. I am interested in adapting very physically exclusive familiar experiences for all of our audience members.

I am so excited to build on Seesaw’s winter event for the third year. This project has evolved into such a special, family driven, community focused show. With the guidance of our “Lost and Found” season theme we will create a fun-filled day for the whole family (or class) full of crafts, snacks, and sensory exploration. We can’t wait for you to join us!

— Savannah Runge, Winter Event Director

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